Lattice Renormalization of Quantum Simulations – on July 2, 2021 at 8:10 am

With advances in quantum computing, new opportunities arise to tackle
challenging calculations in quantum field theory. We show that trotterized
time-evolution operators can be related by analytic continuation to the
Euclidean transfer matrix on an anisotropic lattice. In turn, trotterization
entails renormalization of the temporal and spatial lattice spacings. Based on
the tools of Euclidean lattice field theory, we propose two schemes to
determine Minkowski lattice spacings, using Euclidean data and thereby
overcoming the demands on quantum resources for scale setting. In addition, we
advocate using a fixed-anisotropy approach to the continuum to reduce both
circuit depth and number of independent simulations. We demonstrate these
methods with Qiskit noiseless simulators for a $2+1$D discrete non-Abelian
$D_4$ gauge theory with two spatial plaquettes.
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